Murder Town is a leading web-based True crime news services, focusing mainly on murders and horrific crimes around the globe. We have writers covering the US, UK and Australia offering almost 24 hours coverage.  

Murder Town offers comprehensives informed articles, analysis and breaking news of crimes around the world.

Our team of passionate journalists cooperate with local news sources for much more in-depth analysis and reporting.

Our skilled editor makes sure all the articles we published are as fresh, informative, and accurate as possible.

If you do spot an error in one of our articles, which can happen when we are publishing live articles, please do get in touch and we will correct.

who we are

About The Organization

The Vision

Is to be the go-to place for information relating to true crimes especially murders as they unfold around the globe.

The Mission

The mission is simple, we want to cover as many true crimes as possible, specifically the more serious cases involving murder.

Our Values

The victims of loved ones are the real suffers. They are left behind to deal with the aftereffects. That’s why we have decided that a % of the profits made on this site are given to local victim charities around the globe.

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