Full Name:  Jimmy steed
DOB:  March 5, 1970
Charge:  1st degree murder
County:  Calhoun
Date of Crime:   October 2009

Tentative Discharge Date: 75 years for Fuqua’s death and 30 years for drug charges (105 years in total)
Victim: Carla Michelle Fuqua

Please see below the documentary looking at Carla Michelle Fuqua who was killed by Jimmy Steed in 2009.

If you don’t have access to sound, the full transcript of the investigation on conviction is below.

More information about the sentencing and crime can be found here.

Video Transcript:

Surrounded by nature’s beauty in the southern foothills of the Appalachian Mountain Range, you will find Piedmont Alabama. Here every fall, low families converge on the annual Fall Festival celebration of all that is good about this small city. But for darling cook and her seven year old grandson Justin, their late October 2009 trip to the fair will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

It marks the day Carla disappeared.

And by the next morning, their lives were set to change for that for whatever reason and she was so of course maybe in or mad or not. So

I started and I started again.

And that was you know that China had a bad congestion because I didn’t want him to know that I was scared. passing down any scary.

Unable to reach for God. Darlene mind races with questions as she prays for answers. But for three days, nothing until she found Carla’s some time boyfriend, Jason’s he,

When Jason and Carla were younger, they live right across the mount from one another. So she would rather fall wherever they are. And you know, and I would hang out Hannah, you know, young. They had known each other for a long time.

Now, Jason’s house appears empty. Nothing out of the ordinary. But worse yet. No sign of

daughter. She’s a friend of your neighbour.

Jason Yeah.

She drives a red Mustang. Have you seen it?

Yes, I saw that car earlier when? couple hours ago. least one driver

so daughter.

Are you sure?


Carla is no bleach blonde. But Darlene knows her best friend then. Yeah. is a nice

man. Nina.

Danielle was in the car. Sharon. Hi, Sam. Thank you. Thanks.



Chad, again, you

told her voicemail.

That if she

was calling play

later that night.

That means bill finally answers one of her questions. But it raises so many other

too. I never really say anything.

Sure, and Tammy.

Why is Danielle so hospital? Why isn’t she willing to help find her best friend? For Darlene? Nothing about any of this makes sense. Something terrible is happening and to find out flaws. She needs help.

There was a time where the mom reasonably waited to notify police and then when she realised my daughter’s coming back is when she called the police

at the fall festival that when they got home, Carla wasn’t like she said she would be she was pretty concerned. And then she hadn’t heard from her that she couldn’t find heard any of her friends houses. She couldn’t get her on the phone. And Carl had my no attempt to speak with her son just and save her from her or her boyfriend.

And I called and went to his house

there any chance that he could have gone on a mini vacation? No. She could never leave just without letting us know where she was going on. We should be back. Something’s definitely not right. I just feel it.

Karma few way is now officially a missing person.

For the tiny 21 person Piedmont police department. This situation proves extremely unsettling. Beyond even the obvious concerns.

Call a few quad was not the only missing persons as she was the most recent the missing persons cases and would have totaled about for

that we knew.

In recent years, something dark and mysterious has infiltrated peed months tight knit community. People seem to be disappearing without a trace as the unnamed danger haunting this town, just struck again.

Born and raised in Piedmont Kyle Field Klay is the apple of parents

with a wonderful person and named Sheila at a shirt off her back.

She loved everybody show it has mould her face. She was a good mom daughter.

She was like a little sister.

Growing up Carla’s life is a mix of glamorous and gritty.

She was in pageants, she’s got several families.

I can remember going to her house. her kids and her terrain was just full of tread fees.

But beauty pageants and winning trophies are just part of Carla sorry. Again Carla.

Since flavour teenagers to try to go out and

get whining and so

Carla’s fearless

leader Daddy, she was definitely a tomboy. He was a person that she could go tomboy k

fairly girl and back

because Carla is so well rounded she tracked the I have an admirer class made Jerry few flayed.

I started at it. She’s guys they are forsaken GA Yeah. Thank you. Thank you key Nina.

They’re young Romans continues to blossom through the years. Carla and Jerry married soon after her 21st birthday.


He was the son we didn’t have when Carla and Jay get me a major and I can say

and soon they start a family of their own welcoming us.

Justin. Justin was born. She is very family oriented and very much involved and Justin swan.


their dreams going

going on today.

And I will be having another chance.

But before they have a chance to grow that family tragedies strikes.

Jerry was killed on


This is true.

Now five years that has been tragic death. Carla’s gone missing. And four investigators. Her boyfriend Jason is the most likely person to start questioning.

JZ was incarcerated at the catalyst missing

three weeks after​ Quaid did not come. Paid month police confirm she did not thrown off with her boyfriend asked that question remains Where could she possibly be?

Carla’s disappearance may be somehow related to these three missing person cases that are still outstanding.

This small Alabama city of Piedmont is it typically town long gone, the cotton gins replaced by lumber and trucking fans. But everyday life still revolves around traditions like church, sports and community fairs.

Place where

generations family’s you grow up together. Our family’s probably been here in paid my for 100 years. I know your grandmother you know my grandmother and we all went to school together and not a whole lot of people move at a paid money.

But for all its hometown spirit, most folks agree that town isn’t as prosperous as it once was. And hard times on the only thing my own thing. Over the last 15 years, the number of missing persons cases has grown to for a problem local authorities fear they may never

you know they had a lot of fear and they had a lot of worry about what was going on. I was worried about a serial killer at the time.

The latest to disappear 28 year old Carla Fuqua has left behind a seven year old son and a mother desperate for answers.


cable juice out now.

Hey guys whose name

I didn’t sleep night.

Three weeks into the investigation. Both police and father’s family remain unable to make sense of her this parents.

She had no reason to run anywhere hard. And she definitely went like her son. There was something definitely wrong.

desperate for any lead. Police turn to Carla’s incarcerated boyfriend. Local bad boy, Jason’s deed

there’s the possibility that Jason couldn’t and then there was a history of domestic violence balance between Jason and Carla shoes.

At least police know exactly where to find him for questioning.

JC new hour here


I don’t know nothing about

Jays fitness myths. His relationship with Carla has had its ups and downs.

He admitted to having a drug problem at that time.

But with prison as his iron clad alibi, police have little choice but to take Jason that his word that he had no recent involvement with Carla.

ever really eliminating body is made up protest. Yeah, we’re having something to do with it down the line. But the way we eliminated Jason is being a suspect because he was incarcerated it’s time to


Could there have been other areas of risk in Carla’s life? Though beautiful and well love. It’s no secret that Carla has been living through some hard times. A year after Jerry

passed away. Carla says your daddy, my uncle obey him one year to the day after Jerry. Hey, dad to stagger our this. I think being single mothers hard on anybody.

And then

add in having lost your husband and your father makes it that much harder.

He said mom, she said I don’t know how long day.

Keep it together for years.

Detectives next turn their attention to Carlos friend then yeah. Who Darlene tells them has been seen driving Carla’s.

Carla and Danielle were friends. And I had been spending time together go in between each other’s homes and kind of same together.

But what really irks police is that Danielle could not provide an acceptable explanation to Carla’s mother about why she was in possession of Carla’s car. And she refused to offer any ideas about where Carla might be.

It was definitely suspicious. That gave two impressions. One impression would be that Carla was alive and well. It was coming back at any moment. And everything will be fine. And the other impression was

Carla was dead.

Now detectives have their own questions for Danielle. And they expect answers.

spark my first get your questions.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I figured.

First off, how did you have a position of our car?

Sheila to hear.

Danielle said that Carla was at her house and she was making multiple phone calls of trying to find somebody that would come and pick her up and give her a ride somewhere. And that’s when she had contacted suddenly named Marty and Marty Keenan picked her and gave her a ride and the red.

Marty Lockridge is no stranger to police. Though he’s known more for criminal company key rather than getting into trouble himself.

You have any idea where they can

help yourself.

Detectives search Danielle’s house finding nothing to contradict her storey or any evidence she may be covering up for more sinister plot. Still, they aren’t ready to let her off the hook.

Concerned about then you poured it out like she wasn’t telling me

that I really didn’t know what unboxing she may have had or

didn’t have. Where Carla was then I

was actually wondering if maybe she was covering up for Carla for some reason that that.

Certainly if she is telling the truth. Marty Lockridge is the man who can make that clear. police find him working at the local smokehouse and waste no time in turning up the heat.

Yeah, no, Carl.

What’s your relationship to Carla?

A lot of times people are just nervous every time they catch the police. That is fake normal, but they said

I guess you could say we’re friends.

From what I understood, was at Marley probably

had some kind of infatuation. That’s Carla was the last time you saw her

couple of nights ago her friend Danielle’s.

No, she’s missing right. Why didn’t she just use her car?

She said she made a four wheel drive pick get get to where she was going.

The rock wall is in a secluded wooded area on the outskirts of town that locals know

it’s a man made rock wall that runs alongside the road. Probably span old homeplace or something

any idea last she was going there?

Then why don’t Carla call me so I could pick her up

but she never did

kind of meeting call the place or go looking for

Carla’s just very strong. Well, you know she’s can do what she wants to do. And I’m going to help her. Do this. She wants to do so he just dropped her out

of the Marine. actually show us where a job.

I can’t leave work.

Yeah, you can.

No coddling going today. I did feel like he was not telling us how trace. But late that Marty care more about Carla. And he wouldn’t necessarily just drop her off when she did.

Right here.

We walk that area, you know to see if we could see any evidence of any burial sites any clothes


It was pretty hard to come up with any ideas of what Carla would be doing there. And meaning it ready to go somewhere.

For investigators, both Marty Lockridge and Danielle Phillips remain persons of interest. But one month into the vacation. They still don’t know what they’re dealing with. has a crime even committed.

I was incredibly frustrated. But that’s how we weren’t able to. Can they be anywhere in the case?

Carla Fuqua grey still be alive.

I tried to stay optimistic. I really wanted to see Carla again. I really wanted to know that she was.

As winters shale creeps into the foothills of Piedmont Alabama. The mysterious disappearance of 28 years.

Boy as everyone talking

rumours about the young mothers Phaedra spreading across town like so many wild vines tying down and investigation that’s been underway for me

I was getting reports from being


specific locations I was following up on all of these different leads but it was definitely conflicting information of what had happened to her

we were on a roller coaster and there was times when I would just pray

God the place

for your home safe I pray that she wasn’t hungry as she wasn’t being tortured

and and that she would come home say

I still had this Hello


good evening. That

but detectives know the longer Carla is missing the less likely that is to be true

I had

another investigator at some point here actually Brad and

Caroline heartless yet

but just as hope is wearing thin

how sparked of optimism make night


Ah name college to see Is there a gas station?

I was pretty surprised familiar receive received that.

We were hopeful that Carla had use the card.

And this is about 30 miles south of Pete and detectives waste no time shacking up their first lead in months.

Atlanta she is right there.

I’ll be damned.

That’s Danielle, isn’t it? Yeah.

I was pretty shocked to see Danielle and Bob in this kind of activity.

Call this missing.

This girl called driving Carla’s car using her credit card. Obviously that’s suspicious.

Danielle has always maintained she had nothing to do with Carla’s disappearance. But actions telling a different storey

Carla can use your card.

We have a missing girl at this point. Dead.

Big that you using her credit card. That’s fraud.

The fraud is the least your worries

are gonna pay her back. I swear. Are you gonna pay her back? No one knows where she is.

She knew more than what she was saying.

At my house, according to Danielle. Carla left all of her belongings at Danielle’s house that night. And it appears that Danielle took her banking card or debit card.

We’re gonna add one more time.

Where’s Carla?

Okay, let’s go.

Danielle using Carla’s card and driving a car this car could have meant that she knew that Carl was not coming back.

Detectives charged Danielle with credit card fraud, but with no direct evidence to connect her to Carla’s disappearance. That’s all they have. It’s frustrating, but until they can unravel this tangle of lies. The mystery continues so far the Department of on May 21 officers

I definitely throughout in this case had had more questions and answers.

Years pass without any new developments and eventually the case of Carla Fuqua coins disappearance is turned over to the county

Kathleen Cameron come case investigators offered to assist come in and help me

I think they knew that.

doing a lot of


Case detective soap a new set of eyes will jumpstart the investigation. They’re determined to solve Carla’s case.

she allegedly went to meet somebody or she did but you go to meet someone you go to this dark place for no money live and she went disappeared. She was never heard from again or body wasn’t found. So you draw quick conclusion that that information must not be accurate or missing some pieces. Hey,

in December of 2012 two hikers on the hill behind the old Piedmont brick yard naked chilling the court.

Inside these really thick bushes and briars and small pine trees. I happen to find a blue humans.

Crime scene investigators find the booth led to an entire female scallops and further, the remains are located just two miles from the rock. The place Carla’s friend Marty Lockridge claims he dropped her off. Last night she the scene in Piedmont

is pretty big Woods off of the road, neighbour direction you went off throws pretty big.

She had a severe injury to her skull



and you can only be called

very hard blow to the head.

Five the body has decomposed beyond any chance for immediate positive identification. more clear evidence of a violent murder is found plastic zip ties and circle the arms and legs.

It would appear that she was killed someplace else and transported to this place in order to be down.

The questionnaires has one of Piedmont missing persons finally been found. Couldn’t even be Carla Fuqua.

It’s been more than three years since 28 year old mother Carla Fuqua was reported missing. her disappearance has left investigators in the small city of Piedmont Alabama, consumed with frustration

is very quiet. We have low crime rates that just like other small cities, we have drug problems and

not a lot of violent crime.

So while residents here have become accustomed to hearing about local drug arrests, nothing can prepare them for the news that police have discovered human remains buried in the woods outside of town

insane where human remains had didn’t

have how I 21


there was a lot of fear in me

know make it it was real. I mean you know it was is she gonna come home or wherever gonna say air again. Hey would do this to her. Wow. With I did this to her. What is Where is she? So you know, it’s just a lot of emotion.

That rock down for a long time.

had to be a confirmation they had demo records Carla so it took several days let that happen.

It’s the breaking news. Carla’s family has been dreading for years.

One lungs

face can be NSN soon as as seen on

storage training.



That’s when

the roller coaster ride kind of stopped.

The real pain.

She was coming home.

Someone day that to her.


leave her

where they

left us with a bag of bones. As always.

Detectives waste no time bringing in the man whom they now believe must know the most about Carla’s murder for a polygraph test. Marty Lockridge

and he was the last person to admit saying Carla

mighty sticks to his storey that he dropped Carla off that night and didn’t see who she met.

For sure.

The polygraph test confirms Marty’s being less than truth.

know you’re lying.

Eva Marie. So I want you to look at something for us.

And when the eight by

10 colour photographs.

Carlos remains found up on that mound or placed in front

of Marley.

He put his head in his hand

and began to cry

and said I was there

when Jimmy did this.

Investigators believe Marty can only be talking about one man, Jimmy steed, the uncle of Carla’s boyfriend, Jace.

Jimmy stayed was well known

to us as a person who’s involved in drugs we had a number of people had told us that he dealt drugs that he was in in the marijuana and he was in the math.

Jimmy’s the really the behind Carla’s murder. Detectives press Marty for the full storey.

A change the storey from drop her off at Rockwall to take inherited Jamie’s house.

Do you have any idea what she wanted to be dropped off?

No, she didn’t say.

Marty says he drove a few miles and then had second thoughts about leaving her there alone.

When he came back, he said did you see that Carla and Jamie were arguing he said he saw Jimmy Steed Carla was an object he said a bad man I swear to God that

I fully believed everything that Marty had to say. I don’t think it was anything more than pure raw convince morning the truth Jamie tell with I told it anyone should kill me to detectives made the leave Mar a but without more than his testimony. They know they’ll never get an indictment and Jimmy stayed despite his reputation is an old hand that avoiding bola never been arrested for any serious crimes that all he managed to stay under the radar as one let’s say Jimmy manifests of good sheets in 10 years or five he’s very cooperative. He comes across as a very compassionate man. You know the hate said something happened with Carla you know praying for son and or mama

just do or who did this terrible thing? Well, sir, we were kind of hoping you might be able to help us with that. You guys

said something to leave thing that is you know is good that she was saying

that he did not have any knowledge of her or any circumstances surrounding it. Mind if we look around your place a little bit.

Look here.

I’m going about as courteous as I know how to be. But I think it’s best to be on your way now.

I don’t much like where this is headed.

I can promise you’re gonna lock this even less lyst investigation Spanish.

It’s taken more than three years for detectives in Piedmont Alabama to determine that missing person. Carla Fuqua the widowed mother of a seven year old was murdered down the wooded dead Jeff town. Now they are focused on catching killer.

Investigators have their sights set on Jimmy steed, the uncle of Carla’s boyfriend Jason and the man I witness Marty lot courage frames beat Carla to death. Detectives set on Jimmy’s house for six months. Let’s take endlessly collecting information on the comings and goings had a good feeling that he was manufacturing methamphetamine.

Finally, they gather enough information to obtain a search warrant. Drop the trophies high half of 14 meth labs and other drug paraphernalia some pills are we charging on?

Yes check this out.

Well, so during that investigation, we found two over three foot long’s it has the zip ties look identical to the ones recovered from Carla’s body.

And those two zip really the linchpin they were the thing that had Jimmy stayed Carla Fuqua.

On August 2 2013, Jimmy steed is placed under arrest and charged with manufacturing a controlled substance and the murder of Carla Fuqua. Faced with the physical evidence, and the I would say account of the murder by Marty Lockridge. Jimmy steed pleads guilty to all charges.

judge sentenced him to life in prison, and they sentenced him on his drug cases as well. So Kimmy stable never leave prison.

Despite his guilty play, Jimmy stayed remains silent about the events of that fateful night. his refusal to come clean about what happened to Carla feeds the town’s rumour mill one small as people can now only speculate as to his motivations.

Warning you never on go. Yes.

We should have thought about that before you gotta get gone God.

As to why Carla went to Jimmy’s house that night, we may never know. And although the question of who murdered Carla has been answered, the town of Piedmont remains left for that closure or justice on the previous three missing persons cases.

There are Connexions disappearances to Jimmy, I wish that he would tell he would explain himself and he would actually take responsibility for the other things that are still unanswered.

He obviously doesn’t have any concern or any responsibility for anything so we have a long way to go in the process of proving the case against the other three victims.

As for the family and friends of Carla Fuqua the grief and yours

every day I wake up better every day.

That’s how Justin Carla has his name is dire. I mean, and I talked to this guy.

She had the prettiest

Carla was known for that smile, because she was always smiling. Um, that that should be to be remembered as she was a mother and she was a good mother.

She was a good person and her last ended way too soon.

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