Albert Johnson Walker

Full Name: Albert Johnson Walker

DOB: August 9th 1946

Charge:  1st degree murder
County:  Devon UK
Date of Crime:   July, 20 1996 

Victim: Ronald Platt

Please see below the documentary looking at Ronald Platt who was killed by Alba Walker in 1996

If you don’t have access to sound, the full transcript of the investigation on conviction is below.

Video Transcript:

Alba Walker thought that he had committed the perfect murder and that he was going to get away with it scot free.

He was very charming, very engaging.

He was good. He wasn’t very good. It was almost perfect.

Brixham harbour Devon.

Two fishermen are getting ready to start work.

The first hole is disappointing. So they say another six miles out to an area rarely fished, known as the roughs. That’s a way to down to make them sink to the seabed, so they’ll catch everything floating above.

After about an hour, they start to call in.

body falls out with the fish.

Wrexham coach garrison Coast Guard was efficient.

The discovery of the body was to be the start of an extraordinary investigation involving an international coma with a string of false identities. But at first, the Devon and Cornwall police thought they were dealing with a tragic accident.

The body was in remarkably good condition for being in the salt water. It was dressed in a long sleeve shirt, trousers, brown shoes, it had no identification on it at all. He was wearing a Rolex wristwatch show the time and the date, the date being 22nd. His pockets were turned out, as if someone had got there before me and search the pockets before me.

He might have fallen off about going up the channel and we get an awful lot of boats going up the channel. But nobody was reported as missing at the time.

The well preserved condition of the body suggested that it hadn’t been in the sea for long.

The post mortem revealed several injuries,

including a deep gash on his head.

When you’re trolling a net, and you’re lifting that, that trawl onto Deck, there is a large possibility that that head injury could have been caused that

the only distinguishing mark found at the post mortem was an unusual tattoo on the back of the man’s right hand. I tried

to work out what the data was marketed,

slightly smudged over the period of time. And my initial thought was that it was a cluster of stars.

But the best clue to his identity came from his watch.

purely by chance, my officer was talking to another police officer who said, Oh, well, if there’s a Rolex watch, if it’s a genuine Rolex will have a serial number. So he spoke to relax in London, who said, Ah, if it has been sent for service, we might be able to tell you where it’s come from.

They were able to tell us that in fact, the watch had been serviced on a couple of occasions in a jewellers in Yorkshire, for the guy call Mr. Ronald Joseph Platt.

Finally, they’d be able to identify the dead man.

Without the Rolex watch, we would not have men who the body was we wouldn’t have been able to identify and I would have had to attend an open Berdych.

Eventually, we managed to track his last known address damage to a place in Essex.

Ronald Platt have been a tenant at this house in Chelmsford.

When the local police contacted a landlord, he put them in touch with the man Ron had given us a personal referee when he moved in.

Mr. De Davis.

I found Mr. Davis introduced himself, I was reluctant to tell him the reason for my call, I didn’t want to be telling him that his friend was dead. But ultimately, he forced me to, I was obliged to tell him difficult to judge person’s reaction over the telephone, but he didn’t seem particularly shocked or taken aback. And he didn’t ask too many questions.

David Davis agreed to meet the police to give them background information on Ronald plan.

David taxes were nice man. very amiable, very self assured, dressed very well, but casually, but you could tell it the clothes were expensive. He had bearing of a man he knew what he was doing. Very confident. I couldn’t work out what nationality it was. And he didn’t say and I’d assumed he was an American. He sat down and talked for a little while. And he told me how he loan Ron money to set himself up in France, in business in France. And he, as far as he was aware, he gone we spoke about the tattoo on the back of Ron’s hand. And he said that that was a Canadian maple leaf. He said he was showing you how to photograph of wrong. And he would take it out for me and fold it. Few days later, thank you, thank you sent me through a photograph was wrong circled and this is wrong. As far as I was concerned, that was the end of the Essex side of the inquiry.

Ron Platt probably fallen overboard and drowned. It was an unfortunate accident. There were just a few last formalities before the case could be closed.

I wanted to speak to Mr. Davis and he wasn’t answering his mobile phone. So I requested a colleague in Essex place the SP to Redmond to attend Mr. Davis’s address and ask him to contact me.

I’ve never been to the village level on the street before.

very rural, and there’s only four houses in the street. And none of them have got names on. So I went to the first pair just knocked at the first door. elderly couple answered. And I said I’m looking for the London farmhouse. They said no, no, this is little london house, that London farmhouse is next door who you’re looking for. And I said David Davis? No, it’s not David Davis. It says wrong, Pat.

David Davis was posing as his friend wrong plan.

The man police thought had accidentally drowned.

They described the person they knew was wrong plan, as the person I knew is David Davis. As I was happy that we were talking about one in the same person. There was some foul play going on here somewhere. And it’s just a case of trying to get the hip around. Exactly what

Detective Sergeant Redmond reported what he’d found the Devon police.

The importance of David Davis was rising within the inquiry, and it became apparent that he possibly knew more than he was actually telling us.

The discovery that David Davis had stolen his dead friends identity was down to pure chance.

And it sparked an investigation that was to take them 3000 miles across the Atlantic, and two years of painstaking detective work. To solve the mystery around plants death.

Ronald plants body have been dredged up by trauma of the devil coast.

The police went to visit his friend David Davis chance went to the wrong house and uncovered the double life of a man they thought was innocently helping them with their inquiries.

From reflected on why I come to the wrong house, and what would have happened if I come to the right one and eat in their head even there, I would have given him the message and then I come away. I’d have spoken to David Davis as far as I knew, and that would have been the end of it.

Instead, Detective Sergeant Redmond went back again to question the next door neighbours about Davis and his family.

Frank and Audrey them to the capital they’re told me and how they’ve moved in. Some some time ago, there was wrong and he’s much much younger wife and two very small children, the baby in arms and the toddler about three. They said that there was a connexion with them, because I understood that he had a boat that he used to sell regularly.

But without its name and a description to go on. The police couldn’t find the

everyone had been sent out to re interview witnesses to see whether they could add any little tiny detail which could make a difference the inquiry.

They started with the fishermen who found Ron plants body. He informed us that in fact, there

was an anchor that had been trolled up in that same troll, which is given to a friend of his. We trace that friend and the friend informed us that he’d given the anger to his mother to sell a car boot sale in Brixton. Luckily for us. Bianca hadn’t sold at the car boot sale and it was still languishing in the carriage of his mother. We were able to take possession of that complete with the price label still on for the car boots on.

At the time, the police had no idea of the significance of the anchor, but it was to become a key piece of evidence.

For now they needed to find out more about the history of David Davis his friendship with Ron plan.

Rawls brother informed us that he had a long standing ex girlfriend, Elaine boys who lived in the haircuts area is Muslim. So we’ve spoken to Elaine but we started to uncover Ronald Platinum man and exactly how he lived his life.

Ron and Elaine had lived together for 10 years until 1993.

He was very quiet, it was very calm. It was a very gentle fellow. And he was just lovely as just a very caring came across as a very warm and caring man.

Below that photograph, she’d taken a wrong wearing the Rolex watch.

My runs main treasured possession was his watch. It was crazy about electronics, and precision engineering. He always wore it all the time, even in the shower. When the police spoke to me about runs death, they explained basically that they’d found his body. I just thought, you know, it’s such a shame. It’s such a waste of and I just felt lost really, Philip. I couldn’t believe it.

As well as telling the police about Ron. She could also explain their connexion with David Davis. Elaine had met him five years earlier in Harrogate when he walked into the fine art auctioneers, where she was working as a receptionist.

It was a very quiet day because I remember the telephone didn’t ring and this man was there for about an hour and a half. talking to me about well initially talking about the auction room and paintings and antiques. It was very toll, very broad, very charming, very engaging. It was

it was almost perfect.

Conversation moved into what he was doing. You know that he was moving up to Yorkshire and was looking for somewhere to live near Harrogate in the Dales. And then unbelievably, at the end of the conversation, he offered me a job. I thought it’s just amazing. But then at the back of my mind, I knew that I wouldn’t be working for this man for very long because Ron and I were going to be going off to Canada. And he said, You know, that’s fine. He said, I’ll be able to help you save up to go to Canada, because I love for you more money than you’re earning here.

He became friends with the couple

runs relationship with Mr. Davis was instant, instantly hit it off. Within a few minutes of talking. After their first met.

Ron Alcatel was bowled over by this man,

David Davis moved quickly and offered them a share in his new company.

The name of the company was Cavendish Corporation, which sounded very very ground. He made run and I directors of his company. And he explained that he didn’t want to be a director because we’re he went into explanations about his wife that his wife was chasing him for alimony. And it is so I didn’t want his name on any of the paperwork. But he said she was a very eminent GP in New York. And he explained that she had lots of money and she was successful. And this was his money. And she was after it. She was greedy. This was his explanation. And I believed it, you know, didn’t believe it.

Elaine’s job was to travel to Europe and view properties. None of them was ever bought. And while she was away, she deposited money for her boss in his foreign bank accounts.

Looking back in reflection, he drew Ron and i into his own little his own little world, you know, in setting up the business and travelling to Europe and looking at properties and having this company that that was just a facade really.

But at the time he never question Davis is respectability.

Everybody said nice things, the same sort of things that I’ve been Lyft and thought everybody thought it was a very nice gentleman. Got involved with the local Baptist Church. It seemed very religious, he often talked about God. If somebody’s religious, you you trust them you believe in.

David, you see worship here very regularly. Most weeks, he used to come he used to sit

right down the

in the same pew. Every week.

I found him a very pleasant guy. I’d like to be able to say I had him. But I just didn’t. He was open. It seemed to me. He was helpful. He wanted to be supportive to other people.

And I saw an all around good egg.

Elaine and Ron were invited to spend Christmas Day 1992. with David Davis and his daughter, Noel,

she seemed very much in the Father. He was the one that did it all talking generally. I mean, she was she did come across quite shy, but not not overly shy, that she always used to look up to a father for approval.

And he gave a couple of generous gift.

In my Christmas present was a card that was promised to purchase two tickets to Canada, if we took them by the end of February. And that would be February 1993. And that was a shock for me because I thought well, that’s only a couple of months. How could we just suddenly go to Canada in such a short time. But when run ready T was amazed because it was his dream really said why why do we Why do we need to go so quickly. And he explained that that you guys want to get on with your life Canada is is where he wants to be. It’s a golden opportunity. And he sort of sold it, he sold the idea of Canada,

Andy had a suggestion about how they could remain directors of his company.

He explained that it would be sensible to have rubber stamps made of our signatures, so that when we were in Canada, he could then use these stamps to send documents or checks or whatever. And he also explained that he’s done all the time in business. So it didn’t seem it didn’t seem like there was anything wrong in that time.

Ron and the line set off for Canada and a new life in February 1993.

But the line didn’t settle.

We didn’t have a lot of money at all. I couldn’t work there. Run had difficulty at first and getting a job there. And it was hard and it was the middle of winter. So it was it was a struggle.

Within five months, Elaine was back home to be bridesmaid at a sister’s wedding. Davis no I found friend was invited. But when he heard that Elaine wouldn’t be returning to Canada and to run. He wasn’t happy.

You know, he sort of said how much he liked run and how much he didn’t want us to part and how every man deserves a second chance and he tried to tried his best to get me to go back but I wouldn’t go back.

Only days after the wedding, David Davis was packing up and moving out of Harrogate. And Elaine found herself improperly cut off.

I didn’t have his details. I didn’t have his address. All I had was a mobile number for him. And so basically, he just left.

What you didn’t know was that from that moment on, he started calling himself Ronald Platt, and continue to do so for the next three years. Elaine had a little contact with him or her ex boyfriend Ron Platt. During that time, she knew that Ron had returned to the UK. But she was completely unaware that runs body at the dredged up July 1996. And money line last spoke to David Davis, three months after Ron’s body have been found. He didn’t mention it.

At the end of the phone call, I just happen to say, oh, have you heard from Ron. And he said he hadn’t heard from him since June because he’d gone to France.

It was only when she met the police that Elaine realised that David Davis had been lying to her

in the conversation with the police. And they did mention that they had spoken to Mr. Davis as part of their inquiries. And unfortunately, David said he couldn’t help them. So as a response to that I said to the police, I said, How long ago did you speak to Mr. Davis? And they said weeks ago, and it was that that triggered in my mind. Instantly I thought there’s something wrong. There’s something very wrong.

David Davis, who she had only spoken to a week or so Leah had failed to mention the fact that Ronald had been trolled up by a fishing boat in Devon.

Elaine suspected that he was involved in Ron’s death. So the next time he called

she felt frightened. I didn’t know what to say, because I didn’t know whether I should make him aware that I knew that he had died. So that instantly through me, and then I thought well, it’s best, you know, it’s best to be honest and say, so I did. And then his voice just changed because up to that point, it was upbeat. And, and he said, Oh, I would like to come and see you at work. I thought if I’m not careful is going to be suspicious of me. You know the fact that I don’t want to meet him. So I agreed to meet him for coffee. He was sort of saying things like how it said prayers for run on the way up on the train and how he shed tears for wrong because of death. And it all seemed very shallow to me. I could almost like he’s like I could see that he was acting.

But she played along with him. And when he left she rang the police. They knew that if he was travelling home by train, he would arrive at Chelmsford station.

At that point, we decided that the inquiry was such that we would be arresting this man for murder when we could find him. We set up chumps railway station. Again, just patient in return.

didn’t come home that night.

The following morning that decided to drive past little London thumbnails to see if the card returned or if they’re in a summer life.

There was someone at home, I’d set

and watched the house waiting for reinforcements. Because this man was American. Somewhere along the line someone said well, he might be armed. I’m not quite sure where that come from. But that decision was made that it would be done. The rest will be carried out by armed officers on the principle that were resting for murder, and we know nothing of the man.

But their suspect had other plans for the day. Hello for got that

monster sent there taxi pulled into little London night.

Gentlemen just came straight out. He sat in the front seat beside me. chatting away quite nicely just seemed like a very normal business chat. Friendly, nice chat,

front taxi how to put a mortar towards Danbury and Johnson.

We were talking about the big house at the top of the road that was just that from where he was when I noticed in the mirror that it was a police car coming up. Very high speed behind me was lights flashing. And I actually turned around and said to the gentleman’s business solid bail wasn’t donate wrong was I

noticed the response vehicle coming up fast behind me come past me. They come past the taxi and pulled across in front of him.

And then the policeman came to the window, put the gun at my passenger tell him they get out the car.

They called datacenter the cab and pushed him around to the back hands on to the search team. I’ve walked over to them and said Good morning, Mr. Davis. Do you remember me? He said Oh, yes. arresting you my suspicion of the motor around plan.

he reacted very calmly, quietly never said a word did exactly as the policeman told

him to do something angry till he put his hands behind his back the very compliant fashion. And they handcuffed him.

There’s no emotion displayed at all.

He was taken to chumps a police station. And it was at that point when he was searched. Iran left that in one pocket. He was as far as the documentation was concerned. He was David Davis, and the other pocket. He was one player.

The police now had proof that he was using wrong plots identity. But this wouldn’t be enough to secure a conviction for murder. Then, as they dig deeper into David’s his past, they find that they’ve stumbled across an international criminal on intervals most wanted list. Police arrested David Davis for the murder of his friend Ron Platt. They were convinced Davis was guilty, but needed more evidence to charge him.

At the point of arrest, there was very little evidence that turned out to be used in court that we had at that time. The majority of the evidence was in fact gathered after arrest. And as a result of what we found joined searches and further inquiries that we made.

Detective Sergeant Redmond from the Essex police drove to Davis’s house to arrest the woman they thought was his wife.

She didn’t appear terribly shocked. She was more concerned with the welfare of the baby and the toddler. And while she was packing the bag for the toddler, the female officer who was with her notice the scene very heavy, picked it up and looked and found a quantity of gold bells and cash.

Just what a three year old needs for a night away.

And that was just the beginning.

So it was 5:20pm approached me on the 31st of October 1996 and Thursday, and I’m about to film little London farmers in water water in  they found 25,000 pounds in cash.

8000 Swiss

francs, 17 gold bars and paintings valued at 6000 pounds.

At that stage, we still weren’t sure who we were dealing with. So documents were taken, paintings were taken valuables were taken.

Personally The house was emptied.

A couple of were taken to Devon were questioning

us very calm and very helpful prior to the actual official interview and after the official interview. And he was eager to help and his his whole attitude was that of you know, I’m I’m going to help you I haven’t done anything wrong to this man. You know, this is a tragic incidents.

But when the tape was switched on,

all cooperation stopped.

whilst being interviewed. He said that and declined very politely to answer any of the questions that were posed to him. We got absolutely no information from him whatsoever. So it was nose to the grindstone and let’s try and prove a connexion between the death of Mr. Platt and Mr. Davis who we had in custody.

The house search and uncovered photos of Davis his yacht, the Lady Jane with him on board, but they couldn’t find where it was moved. Then, as Essex police were going through other evidence that collected there was another astonishing breakthrough.

We’ve made various notes on the board. And one of the notes was the Lady Jane. Then the inspector in charge of the search team came into the room to be briefed and What’s that? What’s the name of the boat he said is down the mainland. I’m a sailor. I’ve seen that down at mindmeld in dry dock and sure enough that’s where it was. And it was transported complete by road to the forensics and service.

They found traces of Ron Platz blonde and hair on a cushion in the cabin and an empty carry about from a shelf called sport naughty.

I think if an examination was done on that, unfortunately for us, Mr. Platts fingerprints were found on that carrier bag

and anchor had been bought from the shop shortly before Ron’s death. The receipt was found during the her search.

We interviewed the staff at the shop who were able to tell us that it was two gentlemen that had come in that day and purchased the items.

But the anchor they bought wasn’t suitable for the Lady Jane. And she already had one.

It was the identical to the anchor trolled up with Ron flats body.

And when the pathologist saw it, he realised the significance.

The match of the anchor with the two injuries from the dead man’s life was perfect.

One look at the photograph you can say like this must have been in depth. When this man was dumped in to see

the pathologist and also noticed that the leather belt that Ron plaque was wearing had a pronounced kink in it. And when it was examined, they found deposits of zinc, which match the coating of the anchor.

I think he was hit over the head rendering him unconscious. And then the ankle was attached to his belt. And then David move on over the side of the boat

ended up on the bottom of

the evidence against David Davis was building. It still wasn’t enough to convict him the murder.

thinking he was American they sent his fingerprints to Interpol.

It was a turning point in the investigation.

Within a few hours, a huge piece of news came through to say in fact that the man we had in custody wasn’t David Davis at all. And in fact, his name was Alan Johnson Walker. He was a fugitive from Canada. It was wanted by them for the theft of millions and millions of dollars and was actually on Interpol’s most wanted list.

They discovered that Albert Walker had been living in Ontario with his wife Bob and their family.

The couple splitter of acrimoniously and he was arrested trying to break into the family home. A month later in December 1990. Albert Walker, who ran an investment company disappeared, along with $3.2 million of clients money.

Elder Walker absconded from Canada with his daughter, Sheena. It was the understanding by the walker family that they were going on vacation, skiing vacation. Eventually, when they didn’t return in a reasonable amount of time. Especially with Barb Walker, it was it was panic. She became worried about the safety of her daughter.

I’m missing persons photographic Sheena, who was 15 at the time was circulated worldwide.

Mr. Walker, we knew had travelled to England, and then the switch. And at that point, the the trail had gone cold. So we really had no idea where Mr. Walker was.

That was because Albert Walker assumed his first false identity. He became David Davis, a man who’d been an investor in his company.

I think originally, he used the false identity of David Davis possibly just to get out of Canada and live as his first port of call in England. Once that identity had run its course he needed someone else. And I don’t think that he couldn’t believe his look when he stumbled across Elaine boys and Ronald plan.

The police were starting to unravel Albert Walker’s web of deceit.

He met Ron and his girlfriend Elaine after moving to Harrogate in 1991. Within 18 months he’d befriended them, made them directors of his bogus company and paid for them to emigrate to Canada. Next, he moved 300 miles south to Devon, with his new identity and his new wife. When do the demotic put an ad in the local paper for a cottage to rent. It was a Mr. And Mrs. Ron Platt who contacted him.

He turned up with his very pregnant wife and

loved the cottage loved the locations that it was just what they were looking for.

We moved into the middle of a row of cottages just across the yard from the farmhouse where Judith and her sister Carol lived.

He did come over as a slightly exaggerated character. And I put that down, I think, to perhaps keeping up with a young wife, the dyed hair and the very expensive dental job, but I noticed almost immediately, then the brother you for clothes from man of his age, gave me the impression that he was trying to he was trying to keep up with a young wife.

Run was an amateur artist who displayed his work at home, even when it gave a clue to his past life as David Davis.

My daughter, who was studying art at the time, remarked about a painting that he kept on an easel. He said that it was one of his paintings. And she remarked on the fact that it was signed David. And he said, Oh, that was a name. They used to call me when I was at college.

But we thought nothing of it at the time.

The baby arrived in September 1993. And they continue to live at Castro cottage posing as husband and wife for another year.

It was an occasion when we were in conversation, and she called Ron daddy.

It left a mark I I noticed it but didn’t altogether thank you dog. It was it seemed to me to be a term of affection, I suppose really. I can’t really speculate on what roles they played when we went there. But I have to say that they were very, very convincing. It never occurred to me at any time that they weren’t husband and wife never did not enter my mind. And I think I went into shock when I found that in fact they weren’t.

One evening, he spoke to Carol about a new business idea he was considering.

He was interested in marriage guidance counselling. And he asked me if I knew of any centres of counselling where he could take classes and by recommended one or two, and over a period of months he attended would have been a very basic qualification. I have to say that I was quite surprised when he started talking about setting up his own counselling centre.

At the end of 1994, they moved again, this time east to Essex, where the police were eventually to catch up with him.

Here the fake Ronald plaque was exaggerating his qualifications to friends. He made it the local tennis club

did say he was a psychologist, and he was working somewhere near Brentwood. But that really was as far as he wanted to go. And so I told him that there were a number of medical people who were members of the club who played tennis, and I offered to introduce him. And he wasn’t quite so keen on that.

I found him quite friendly and

his wife. On the other hand, she was extremely young, surprisingly young, probably less than half his age. And she was quite the opposite. She never spoke.

In fact, when when I spoke to her or asked her a question, she always looked to him for permission to answer the

question. And I found that was very, very strange.

The family lived in Essex for two years, and another child was born there. But the man locals knew as Ron Platt was about to lose control of his carefully constructed identity. In 1995, he had news from Canada, the real Ronnie Platt was returning home to live in Britain.

He probably thought that by sending the genuine rural parts of Canada, he could then have a life long identity that he could use with no comebacks. But obviously, that didn’t turn out to be the case. It was now two people living in a very small area by the name of Ronald Platt with the same date of birth and same documents. And this was obviously a threat to his continuing freedom.

Canadian fugitive Albert Walker had plenty to hide and a motive to murder Ronald plan.

I think on that day,

Alva Walker took Ronald plateau as a friend on his boat, maybe for a bit of fishing, purely with the intention of taking him out there and killing him and dumping his body overboard.

I think Robin would have trusted him right to the end. I don’t think he would have had any doubts or fears otherwise, I don’t believe it would have gone on the boat. It wouldn’t have gone on the boat if he didn’t trust him. I’m sure.

Albert Walker was still protesting his innocence At his trial in June 1998. But the woman who everyone thought was his wife, but was actually his daughter, was about to be a key witness.

In June 1998, Albert Walker went on trial for the murder of Ronald Platt.

On the way into exit to Crown Court, he hit his face. But once inside He appeared confident for the case against him wouldn’t succeed.

At no time, Did he really think that he was in difficulty. He didn’t think that anyone could prove that he had murdered this man.

No one witnessed the murder. No one was able to say therefore for certain where it took place, or how it took place.

The Rolex watch, which helped identify Ron’s body in the first place, also provided a vital clue to the time of the murder.

The watch was water resistant in South London, but at the bottom of the sea, and motionless, it would stop after around 48 hours.

Because the watch had stopped the 22nd day, we were able to establish that, in fact, it would have entered the water on around about the 20th or the 21st of July.

There were more clues to and in the computer memory of the boat Global Positioning System.

Remarkably, that was able to tell us that on the dating question that we were looking at that Mr. Davis has both had been able to add, say, in not a position far away from where Ronald Platts body had been trolled up. Ron’s ex

girlfriend, Elaine boys, was called to give evidence against the man she known as David Davis.

I thought, I’m not going to look at him. I’m not purposely not going to make any eye contact. But of course, once I was in there, I did glance and looked at him, I thought, how much you aged and also he was grey. But he still looked like the Mr. Davis. He was very smart. Very ground. It was still Mr. Davis.

remains evidence was damning, because she could explain the background to their friendship, and why he had a motive for murder.

Ron plant represented a real threat to Albert Walker. Because Albert Walker been using Ron plants name and details and defeat had been exposed, someone would have said, Who is this man who has been calling himself from

the prosecution also called Sheena, Albert workers daughter, we’ve been on the run with her father for six years, posing as his wife, and now the mother of two small children.

I think as an individual, she’d come under the spell of father and had been brainwashed into protecting him. And unfortunately, she was used as a bit of a psychic a bit of an alibi for him in various aspects of their lives together, which is a sad thing.

When her father was arrested, she returned to Canada with the children. Two years later, she was back for the trial.

She was able to state that she hadn’t been aware that Mr. Platt was in the Devon area shortly before his death.

At the time of the murder Sheena, the children and Albert Walker was staying in a holiday cottage in Devon.

We said that it was highly significant that the defendant had kept from his daughter that he was seeing Mr. Platt when Mr. plant was, of course, a friend of the family. And we said that that was entirely consistent with Mr. Walker having planned this murder, but wanting to make sure that his daughter knew absolutely nothing about it.

And she couldn’t give her father an alibi for the day of the murder.

One point of evidence that she needed to give on the witness stand was there on the day in question. On the day weeks, we suspected that the murder was committed, she did confirm that her father had been out on the boat.

It’s been very bad weather, and you come back late. And when that of course wasn’t strong evidence in its own right. But we said that that was important because it showed was a day when Mr. Walker had been on the face of it on his own at the material time and would have had the opportunity of killing Mr. Platt and disposing of the body without anyone else discovering about it.

On day eight of the trial, it was Albert Walker’s to detect the stand.

When Elvis Olga went into the witness box, it was obviously something of an electric moment.

They weren’t sure whether he was going to give evidence. And I hoped and prayed that he would. Because I thought to myself that if he gives evidence, people will see him for what he really is. When he was on the stand, and he was very confident, very charming, again, charming to the judge, very relaxed.

Mr. Davis, he was today was that I knew

I could obviously had a problem in presenting his case, because he had to accept that he was a man on the run, who was using a false identity. But at the end of the day, he had to accept that and essentially said, Well, yes, I’ve done things that I shouldn’t have done, but I wasn’t the murderer.

He admitted on the stand. That run may have been murdered. But it wasn’t him. You know, there’s no way it was him. So he thought he would get away with it.

And he gave his explanation for the evidence of run Platt blind and cushions in his yard,

he said is the place of in some way knocked his head during the course of an incident on the boat. But that has nothing to do with anyone falling off the side side of the boat, let alone a murder.

But for once, Albert Walker failed to convince his audience.

The jury took just two hours to find him guilty Ron plus murder.

He was sentenced to life in prison.

When I had the verdict, I felt relief. I felt elation, I was so happy that he hadn’t got away with it.

But run plots murder had some nearly remained undetected.

Alba Walker was extremely close to getting away with it. Because the chances of trolling up a body within seven days of it having been putting the water in an area and not very

often fish

was extremely remote.

Had it not been for the Rolex watch with its unique number on wrong plants wrist had it not been that the anchor by chance was picked up. Had it not indeed been for the fact that an officer went to a wrong house spy mistake and discovered that Albert Walker was using a false name.

The police could simply have closed the inquiry said we found out who Mr. Platt is. And that would have been the end of the matter.

I would walk his trail of deception and false identities. But for most people, most of the time,

I still find it hard to believe that someone that could be portrayed to be such a nice kind of person could have done this. In fact, I know that there are people that don’t believe it, that still refuse to accept that this has happened exactly. It could have been him. He was good. He was very good

doing all that he did, and passing himself off here. I don’t know anyone who I’ve spoken to here who had any particular doubts about him.

I found it very difficult to reconcile the wrong that I knew and was fond of with the man that was in the dog, the man that they were saying all these things about. And it wasn’t the time. I didn’t believe that he was guilty as indeed he was proved to be it was just that I couldn’t reconcile those two people.

In February 2005, worker was returned to Canada to serve the rest of the sentence.

In old time that Walker was in police custody and during the trial, he has never shown any remorse for what he’s done to Ronald Platt. And I think to this day, he still shows no remorse.

He used me as a front of his business betrayed my trust. And ultimately he murdered somebody that I care very deeply about, and spent a lot of my life with. And you can’t forgive that. Can you use just pure evil.

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